Engineering Requirement Development of Barium Ferrite as Absorbent Radar Waves Material


This research is a treatment trying of the Barium ferrite properties whichobstacle the using its as an absorbent materials for Radar waves. These obstaclesare the high cost, bad mechanical properties and heavy weight, The solution isprepareing a new composite material , its matrix is the kaolin and filled by Bariumferrite. 5% and 15% of barium ferrite have enhanced the mechanical properties ofprepared a samples pressed at 69.4 Mρa and sintered at 1150 C˚ for two hours and2ºC/min. and 3ºC/min as a heating and cooling rates respectively. The firstpercentage has a (0.224) reflective index for 0.8 GHz and 2mm thickness and(0.093) for 10.4 GHz and 2mm thickness.