A method to protect information sent over network using the concept of book cipher


In an age where exchanging electronic documents, monitoring bank balances, electronic trading and paying bills are crucial to humanity, beside of sharing information and communication with each other, To overcome this difficulty, data must be transmitted across communication networks in a safe and quick manner with immunity to technical breakthroughs, With the expansion in the utilization of the Web and multimedia , so does the demand for security approaches that aim to protect data and digital information. Steganography is a science that uses various multimedia, including audio, text, image, and video, as well as the TCP/IP protocol, as a transporter for secure information move through the web , In the paper a technique was proposed for steganography relying upon the book cipher involving pictures as encryption keys rather than a book or piece of text joined with ACSII mapping technology , the outcome will be an encoded table made by parting text and matching bits with that of the encryption key (the image), The suggested method keeps the picture quality unaltered and the outcomes show its solidarity and low computational expense Key words;- Image steganography , book cipher , last significant Bit , Matching pixels, pixel coordinates.