Effect of Uv Radiation on Dielectric Constant And Thermal Conductivity In Epoxy Phenol Blends


Epoxy-phenol system were prepared and studied before and after reinforcing withglass fibers (woven roven 0ο-90ο direction) with volume fraction (vf = 48%). Thesamples irradiated with uv radiation with wave length (λ= 320 nm), irradiation energy(1.5 watt/ cm2) for 50 hours. The dielectric constant and thermal conductivitymeasured for all samples before and after irradiation with uv radiation. The resultsshowed that the increasing percentage of phenolic resin in the blends decreasing thedielectric constant and thermal conductivity of all samples before and after irradiationwith uv radiation. While the results before irradiation showed the effect of glass fibersin increasing the dielectric constant and thermal conductivity. Finally the resultsshowed that the dielectric constant decreased, thermal conductivity increased for allsamples after irradiation with uv radiation.