Removal of Cadmium(II) Onto Granular Activated Carbon And Kaolinite Using Batch Adsorption


The removal of Cd(II) onto granular activated carbon (GAC) and kaolinite in singlecomponent systems has been studied using batch adsorption. Batch adsorption studied werecarried out under various amount of GAC and Kaolinite, Cd(II) ion concentration, pH andcontact time. The experimental data was analyzed by Langmuir, Freundlich and Redlich-Peterson isotherms. The equilibrium adsorption capacity of Cd(II) was determined fromLangmuir isotherm equation and found to be 3.002 mg/g for GAC and 1.837 mg/g forkaolinite. Pore diffusion model for batch adsorption is used to predict the concentrationdecaycurve for adsorption of Cd(II) onto GAC and kaolinite.