The Bulgarian crisis of 1886 between the liberal and conservative thought of the British government


If we trace in this research the dialectic of the formation of the Bulgarian emirate in 1878 after the Ottoman Empire took control of it for nearly 482 years, and between its political transformation and the most important events that Bulgaria witnessed in 1886, and the study of this event with its results and not with its structural engines, then we stand before a strange political phenomenon in Bulgaria causes bewilderment and questioning, as the international interests in this country cannot easily depart from its bonds, unless its role is embodied in political practices that reflect the strength of its strength, the aspiration that its foreign policy can reach, and the political body that it intends to appear before international public opinion, and perhaps that All, what applies to the political role of the British government in Bulgaria in 1886, this political role that must be considered, and the most important competing factors for it in Bulgaria must be studied, at a time when the major international powers at the time did not decide their centers of influence there, and if competition was necessary The international community is to activate its influence in Bulgaria, so it must take place on a basis different from direct intervention, consistent with the laws of political crises that those countries fabricate with their tools to open the door for political interference to its death. international interventions