Synthesis and Characterization of New benzimidazole-nitrone Derivatives, and Study of Their Effect as Anti-bacterial


New benzimidazole derivatives (benzimidazole-nitrone) were synthesized from the condensation of o-phenylene diamine with p-amino benzaldehyde in the presence of (P-TsOHEtOH). Then the benzimidazole compounds that containing an imine group were oxidized to obtain a nitrone group by used peracetic acid and identified by FT-IR, H1-NMR spectra, and elemental analysis. All compounds applied to the Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus gave a different result. The compounds which have (OH, Br, Cl, OCH3) groups appeared activity as anti-bacterial while compound (2) when R=H don’t have activity for each type of bacteria that used