A Sandwich Porous Alumina Nanostructures Based on Anodic Alumina


A sandwich porous anodic alumina membrane (PAA/Al/PAA) films was producedusing two-step anodization approach on both sides of (250) μm pure aluminum foilelectrode as an anode. A single sheet of stainless steel or graphite was used as acathode. Anodization on both sides of aluminum sheet was achieved. The anodizationprocesses and pore formation were studied and discussed in this work. The producedalumina membrane (5-30) μm thick was analyzed using scanning electron microscopy(SEM). The SEM image shows the PAA membranes has a well-defined nanostructure.The average pore diameter reaches (25) nm. The produced Al 2O3 membrane growingon both sides of aluminum sheet was separated into a twin nano membrane.