Design and Simulation of N-Way In-phase Equal power Wilkinson Power Divider


In this paper, three designs of Wilkinson Power Divider (WPD) at 9.0 GHzcenter frequency are proposed. The first design is 2-way in-phase equal poweroutputs implemented on the Roger RT-duroid 6006, PTFE ceramic, relativepermittivity = 10.2 r e and thickness of substrate material h = 0.365mm. Thesecond design is 4-way and the third design is 8-way in-phase equal power dividersare implemented on the same substrate. The third design is a new shape of 8-wayWPD consists of feeder connected with four WPD via cut cortex rhombus toachieve matching with inputs. All designs are simulated by using CAD(Microwave Office 2000). The simulation results demonstrate that the powerdivider works well at assigned operating frequency with compact size. Lowinsertion and high isolation are achieved.