A Comparison Study of Different Ceramic Filler on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Glass, Carbon, Kevlar / Polyester Composites


Fillers play a major role in determination of the properties and behavior ofparticles on (glass, carbon, and Kevlar fiber) reinforced polyester composites.These particles are fabricated using both alumina (Al2O3) and silicon carbide (SiC)particles as filler materials for such systems. The effect of these two differentceramic polyester composites are investigated at different additive ratios as (0.2,0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0) volume fraction.Comparative analysis shows that the bending distortion, Hardness, andImpact resistance are affected by the type and content of filler particles, whereboth impact and Hardness is increased with increasing volume fraction speciallyin case of (0.5) volume fraction for both filler particles and decreased for bendingdistortion specially in case of glass fiber/ polyester at (0.5) volume fraction forboth filler particles. Also high electrical properties for all filler/ fiber/ polyestercomposites.It is shown that silicon carbide (SiC), have better filler characteristicscompared to those of alumina (Al2O3) .Hopefully, these results provide a costeffective solution to composite applications.