Administrative Systems of the Arab African Empire during the reign of Sultan Saeed bin Sultan "1219 AH - 1273 AH / 1806 AD - 1856 AD"


The Arab African Empire was one of the most important countries in that period, and Sultan Said Bin Sultan was able, despite the distance and ideological, ethnic and environmental differences, to achieve an African Arab empire. The aim of this study was to study the Assyrian systems of the Port Said State in East and East Africa, And their future, the study focuses on the experience of Sultan Saeed bin Sultan and how to regulate the Sultan of his plant and then his control of Oman and East Africa and take to Zanzibar African capital of his kingdom instead of the Asian Muscat and followed the study of the historical approach based on the narrative For information, analysis and conclusion and processing of historical material. The study concluded that the Sultan Sultan bin Sultan has presented a strong lesson for Muslim leaders to apply the principle of justice and tolerance in all parts of his empire in both Arab and African countries. As a result, his empire became the most economically powerful. The study also recommends following up on the history of Oman in general .