The Effect Of Space Volume On Free Convection Heat Transfer For Ongitudinal Finned Cylinder With Different Slope Ngles


ABSTRACT: This study deals with free convection heat transfer for the outer surface of two cylinders of the shape of (Triangular & Rectangular fined cylinders with 8-fins), putted into two different spaces; small one with dimension of (Length=1.2m, height=1m, width=0.9m) and large one with dimension of (Length=3.6m, height =3m, width=2.7m). The experimental work was conducted with air as a heat transport medium. These cylinders were fixed at different slope angles (0o, 30o, 60o and 90o) .The heat fluxes were (279, 1012, 1958, 3005, 4419) W/m2, where heat transferred by convection and radiation. In large space, the results show that the heat transfer from the triangular finned cylinder is maximum at a slope angle equals to 90o and is minimum at the slope of 0o angle whit the heat transferred from the triangular finned cylinder is maximum at slop angle of 30o and minimum at the slop of angle 60o in the small space with following range of the Raleigh number (1.68*107-3.46*108).