Detection of Porphyromonas gingivalis from Periodontal Pocket Infections by Microbial Cultivation and PCR Techniques


The study aimed to detect P. gingivalis from 49 patients with periodontitis at different ages and both sexes, after determination of pocket depth, types of infection whether chronic or progressive by dentists. Routine culture method was done using selective media and anaerobic condition and compared with species specific polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique.DNA was extracted from samples and its concentration and purity were determined. The results showed domination of chronic infections and the pocket depths ranged between 3-9mm, as well as the results revealed that isolation percent of P.gingivalis by PCR was more higher than culture method, it was 65.3% and 28.5% respectively. The results also showed that phenol-chloroform was the efficient method for DNA extraction comparing with other methods. The study revealed that there are effects of age and sex on isolation rate and the results indicated that percentage of P.gingivalis was detected in 20-30 years old and males were more infected than females.