Long Term Strength and Durability of Clayey Soil Stabilized With Lime


This study deals with durability characteristics and unconfined compressivestrength of clayey soil stabilized with lime. The tests comprises of unconfinedcompressive strength for samples stabilized with the optimum lime percent (4%),and subjected to cycles of the wet-dry, dry-wet and freeze-thaw durability tests aswell as, long-term soaking and slake tests.The results indicated that, the efficiency of the lime in the improvement ofunconfined compressive strength of clayey soil is of negative effect in the longterm durability periods The wetting-drying cycles showed greater reduction inunconfined compressive strength than drying-wetting cycles, while the volumechange of samples which subjected to drying at first, was greater than thoseconducted with wetting. On the other hand, freezing-thawing cycles causes adecreasing in the unconfined compressive strength values, and the reduction ratiowas greater than wetting and drying cases. But, during soaking tests it was foundthat at early soaking periods, the lime stabilized samples continuously gainingstrength, but beyond this the strength decreased with increasing soaking period.Finally, the stabilized samples with (4 and 6%) lime becomes more durableagainst the cycles of wetting and drying.