Background: Asthma is a diffuse obstructive lung disease with hyperreactivity of the airways to variety of stimuli. The prevalence and severity of the disease are steadily increasing. In addition to broncho-constriction and viscid secretions, inflammation is an important patho-physiological factor, eosinophil play important role in this inflammation. Eosinophil peripheral blood count in Asthmatic patient is our concern in this study.Objective: Study the relationship of eosinophil peripheral blood count and Asthma.Methods: A total number of 55 asthmatic children subjected to a prospective study regarding the severity of asthma, which assessed by clinical examination and spirometry and for each patient a sample of blood, were collected and eosinophil count was calculated.Results: 35 of a total 55 asthmatic patient found to have moderate to sever asthma of this category 82.8% (29 patients) were having high eosinophil count >400 / mm3 while 17.2% ( 6 patient) of less eosinophil peripheral count < 400 / mm3. The other 20 patients were mild to moderate severity, of these 80% (16 patients) were of low eosinophil count < 400 and 20% (four patients were of high eosinophil count).Conclusion: There is an increase in eosinophil peripheral blood count in Asthmatics and the more the severe the attack, the more the eosinophil count.Key words: Asthma, Eosinophil, Severity