Health and invalidity when Ibadi fundamentalist comparative study


The topic of the research (the validity and invalidity of the Ibadis, a comparative fundamentalist study) The research revolves around an issue of the fundamentals of jurisprudence that has an impact on the actions of the taxpayers in terms of exigencies, choice, and situation. Ibadites in a brief manner in terms of their origin, reference, presence, most important scholars, most prominent books, and their fundamentalist approach, then a statement of validity, invalidity, and corruption with them and with other approved schools of thought introducing them And how close the definition is between the Ibadis and other schools of thought. Then I studied other issues related to validity and invalidity, which is the question of whether validity and invalidity are legal rulings or mental rulings, the issue of the relationship of invalidity to corruption, the issue of the relationship of parts to health, and the issue of the relationship of health and invalidity to the legal ruling. If any, then I concluded the research with the most important results, then the sources and references.