Impact of the Agricultural Policies on Wheat Product in the Anbar province


This Study aimed at measuring the economic impact of the price support policy policy of price support on wheat producer in the Anbar province ,and measuring the comparative advantage of wheat production systems and determines the cause of leakage in the support provided to them . Hence, the selection of blocks sample from 40 wheat farmers under traditional irrigation farms and 25 under sprinkler irrigation .Its form included economic aspects related to quantities and cost of inputs ,production and other related psychological estimated of causes leakage of positive effects of support prices. Using of policy analysis matrix elements from estimated rates of quantities of inputs and outputs, according to a regular production of wheat in the province referred to. it was found that the nominal protection coefficient of wheat farmers is greater than one indicating the existence of nominal protection to product prices .as stated the effective protection coefficient values greater than one ,and largest values of nominal protection coefficient ,that indicating wheat producers are protected by the outputs and inputs alike .the effective protection coefficient to wheat producers under traditional irrigation greater than its value to production under sprinkler irrigation. It's perhaps because of state intervention in providing water to them farms. the value of Domestic Resources cost coefficient indicating that product under sprinkler have proportion advantage than traditional irrigation .the private profit is positive and the values of criteria indicating the benefit farms from the policy of government intervention and local costs for donum it less than gross value added .the results of the analysis of leakage in varying amounts of support and in general show that the support price of the product less leak comparative than b support resource prices.