Improved Performance of ZnO/n-Si Solar Cells


AbstractThis research is intended to improve the performance of ZnO/n-Si solar cells. The structures were fabricated using thermal evaporation techniques. The indium dopant at suitable heat treatment is used to enhance the electrical characteristics of ZnO layer resulting in reducing atmospheric condition to change the stiochiometry of ZnO layer. The electric properties of the fabricated samples are dependent on many parameters such as annealing temperature, ZnO layer thickness, Indium layer thickness and temperature. The indium layer were deposited at different thickness (10-30) nm during the fabrication of the ZnO/n-Si solar cells. The resultant samples has been studied and the results obtained show an improvement in the efficiency of 0.4% compared with the standard ZnO/n-Si solar cell.Keyword: ZnO/n-Si, Indium, Thermal Evaporation