The position of the Earl of Rochester on the politics of King James II in England (1685- 1688)


This research sheds light on the position of Earl Rochester on the policy of King James II in England (1685-1688), an English figure who began his political career after the death of his exiled father, Chancellor Clarendon. Rochester contributed effectively to English diplomacy during the years (1676-1678), as well He had a pivotal role in conducting secret financial agreements with the French in order to supply King Charles II with funds that contributed to strengthening his position in the Parliament of Exclusion (exclusion) against his crown prince, his brother Prince James. And he laid solid foundations for the royal treasury during the reign of King Charles II and James II by assuming the position of Lord of the Royal Treasury (Ministry of Finance), but it was the result of the intolerant Catholic policy of King James II and Rochester intolerance to the Anglican doctrine and church and the slander of his rivals from the politicians in the court led to the dispensation of the king For his services in financial affairs, as it is not compatible with his religious orientations. Accordingly, the research was divided into two main sections. The first topic came under the title: (The Social and Political Life of Earl Rochester until 1685), while the second section came under the title: (The Earl of Rochester and the Politics of King James II until 1688).