Evaluating the level of performance for students in the department of soil and water resources and its relation with some of the personal factors for the academic year 2009-2010


This study aimed to measure and analyze the scientific level of the Pupils in the Department of soil and water resources in the college of agriculture throughout the stages of the study of this section and according to the subjects for each stage. so random samples have been selected from each stage of the section and include the arithmetic means for the degrees of students, the standard deviations and measurements of skewness and kurtosis were measured. The mean measures showed a decrease in the scientific level in some subjects, also the criteria of skewness and kurtosis showed that a large number of distributions of students' scores in a number of articles have been deviated away from the normal distribution indicating the stultification that happens to the material from the teacher or the level of militancy that happens in another study subjects. The results of the standard degree throughout the stages showed that the students scientific levels who were randomly selected from samples were not stable but often fluctuates rising and falling from a subject to another indicating the participation of staff of the educational process and the others in the responsibility for the decrease in the performance level .the scientific level of the students in the department of soil was declining in the final stages as compared to the primary stages which may indicates that the students scientific levels for the newly accepted students does not match the scientific content of the study subjects that they have in their final stages and especially the specialty ones.