Effect additive of some pesticides on three wheat variety and associated weeds under irrigation land in Diyala


The experiment was carried out at private farm_ Baladrooz Diyala city in winter season of 2005_2006 to study the effect of some pesticides:Topik As100 600 ml.ha-1, Lintur WG 120 g . ha-1, on growth and yield of three wheat variety : IPA 95 , IPA 99 and TMOZ 2 and for its weed control , and the effect of growth regulator Amistar fungicides 1000 ml .ha-1 on wheat yield production and its combination with herbcides. The experiment was conducted in randomize complete block design R.C.B.D as a factorial experiment two factor with three replicates . Result showed that IPA 99 gave greater plant height was 84.5 cm , while not significantly different from IPA 95 and TMOZ 2 in number tillers , number of seed per spike, 1000 seeds weigh and plant seed yield , Also result indicated that Lintur + Topik +Amistar gave greater effection growth and yield than other treatments , While not significant different with Litur +Topik in killer weed after 50 day of applied hericides and before 21 day to harvest was 90 , TMOZ 2 gave dcrease effect in killer weed was 34.25 and no significant with IPA 99 before 21 day to harvest , Amistar was more efficiency increased yield with all wheat varieties when applied to Litur + Topik , but not significant effect when use alone as compare with control treatment .