Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization and Calcium Spraying in Garlic productivity and improve the quality


This study was conducted at the field of the Department of Horticulture – College of Agriculture – University of Baghdad – Abu Ghraib during the growing season (2005 – 2006)to study the effect of nitrogen fertilization and calcium spraying on growth and yield in local garlic cultivar, The experiment include 9 treatments wich were the interactions between three levels of nitrogen fertilization,[ no fertilization(N0) ,80 kg/ha ( N1) and 160 kg / ha( N2)] and three concentrations of calcium foliar application ,[ no spraying( Ca0) , 2,5 gm ( Ca1) and 5 gm (Ca2)] ,Each treatment replicated three times in Factorial Experimental arrangement with RCBD . The experimental Results showed that interaction ofnitrogen fertilization and calcium spraying (N2Ca2) significantly gave the highest plant height of 54,36 cm , dry weight of Total vegetative of 18,52 gm and the highest average bulb weight of50,85gm and the highest number of cloves per bulb of 33,16 and yield of 15,45 ton / ha-1 .while the lowest values of these parameters were found in the control treatment (N0Ca0). The T.S.S and cloves diameterdid not affected by nitrogen and calcium treatments.