Effects of organic and nitrogen fertilizers on growth and nutrients content for date palm cv. Khastawi Planted in Gypsifrious Soil


This experiment was conducted during the growing season 2009 and 2010 in AL-Falluja date palm research station province fellow general date board/Ministry of Agriculture. The aim of this study was to investigate the influences of the organic and Nitrogen Fertilizers treatments on vegetative growth characters (length of leaves, length pinnae, chlorophyll contents in leaves and nutrients contents (leaves nitrogen contents, carbohydrate, phosphorus, potassium and C/N ratio) on Khastawi date palm at six years age.Experiment was include four organic fertilizers levels (0 ,10 ,20, 30) kg/tree , and four nitrogen fertilizers levels (0, 200, 400, 600)gm/tree .The experimental results showed : organic fertilizers level (30) kg/tree was significantly on effect length of leaves, nitrogen , carbohydrate content and given highest superior in all parameter mentioned these rates were (205, 229) cm, (0.83, 0.91, 5.30, 5.60) % during both seasons respectively , Than the control treatment losses average these rates were (nitrogen fertilizers level (600)gm/tree gave highest length of leaves, nitrogen These rates were (221, 331) cm, 0.85, 0.96)% during both seasons respectively. The interaction between organic fertilizer and the nitrogen fertilizer showed significant effect on the average of length of leaves and the highest nitrogen, carbohydrate content .The organic fertilizers level (30) kg/tree and nitrogen fertilizers level (600)gm/tree given highest on the length of leaves, These rates were, (240.0 ,258.0) cm (0.95 ,1.08, 5.61, 5.85) % during both seasons respectively , and highest superior in all parameter mentioned. Than the organic fertilizers level (10) kg/tree and nitrogen fertilizers level (200)gm/tree given the losses average length of leaves ,nitrogen,and carbohydrate content. These rates were (197.0, 220.0) cm, (0.83, 0,93 ,5.38 ,5.62) % during both seasons respectively.