Increasing Capacity of Users Through The Use Of Smart Base Station Antenna as SDMA System.


A smart antenna system can automatically change the directionality of its radiation patterns in response to its signal environment. This can dramatically increase the performance characteristics (such as capacity) of a wireless system. Among the most sophisticated utilizations of smart antenna technology is SDMA, this technology increases the number of users that can access an existing wireless phone system by exploiting the spatial characteristics of the channel itself through highly developed implementation of an intelligent antenna system's capabilities for receiving and transmitting .The cellular system must evolve to provide the required coverage and capacity, increasing the capacity of a cellular system using adaptive base station antennas by finding the optimum tradeoff between SDMA and interference rejection approaches. Measurements presented in Mat lab application have implications for increasing capacity and coverage area through the use smart antenna with SDMA when we compare the results with Omni antenna under the same number of channels, , area, number of cells per cluster.