Effect of Number of Layer in Composite Sheet


Composite material is commonly used in most industries: it became a basic substance for generating electric energy in many industries, aircraft , automobile and air turbine Composite material is a big family and it is classified into many kinds like fiber glass which has been frequently used in production, therefore many researches and tests have been made by taking samples and making tensile compression, impact and fatigue test as well as determining the numbers of layers which are the best fiber tensioned resistant, this will be discussed in this research, chapter one is an introduction to composite material and identification of fiber glass and its uses and properties, as well as making a comparison between its strength and the strength of steel, while chapter two, presents the researches, conclusions of previous researchers in the same field, the chapter three includes theories and equations which are used to know the size and thickness of fiber glass, the chapter four is a tensile test that has been made for some samples, the chapter five includes the results of this test, and the future advices for making this test or other tests for fiber glass and other composite materials discussed also.