Periodontal Health Status among 6-12 years patients with Beta- thalassemia Major Syndrome in Baghdad –Iraq.


AbstractThalassemia constitutes a form of anemia that has clear problems in relation tooral and dental health.The aim of this study was to investigate the occurrence and severity of periodontaldiseases among patients with β-thalassemia major (βtm) at (6-12) years of age inBaghdad city in comparison to healthy control.Our study sample comprised 50 patients of both sexes were examined ,who wereattending the thalassemia center in Al-Karama Hospital .A similar number of healthycontrol matching with age and gender were involved .Plaque index of Silness &Löe (1964) and Calculus index of Ramfjord (1959) wereused to assess oral cleanliness (dental plaque and dental calculus respectively).Gingival index of Löe &Silness (1963) was used for recording gingival healthcondition.Results were generally observed a poor oral hygiene .Highly significant differencein means of plaque index (1.902±0.68, 0.9384±0.51) and gingival index (1.390± 0.94,0.840± 0.46) between βtm and control groups respectively, while not significant inmean of calculus index (0.470± 0.63, 0.3362± 0.42) between groups.The present study showed that most patients with β-thalassemia major wereaffected by gingivitis of moderate type (38%), while most of control of mild type(76%).