A Simplified Numerical Model for a Flat Continuous Triangle Fins Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Using a Step by Step Technique


This investigation deals with the performance prediction of cross flow air cooled heat exchangers. An experimental work was carried out on a finned tube air cooled heat exchanger. A water supplying system rig was built for this object which provides water at temperature range of (10 to 50) °C with water circulating rate up to (2000) l/hr. Air volumetric flow rates of (500,1000 and 2000) cfm at a temperature of (32) ºC was used during the experiments. A two dimensional model was suggested to perform the core dimensions prediction of the air cooled heat exchanger. This model was based on the step by step technique which is suggested to divide the height and depth dimensions of the heat exchanger to slices and rows respectively. The thermal performance represented by heat load, heat transfer coefficient (air side), overall heat transfer coefficient and air exit temperature from heat exchanger were predicted by the present model. The suggested simulation model showed that the maximum discrepancy between the predicted and experimental values of the heat exchanger performance was about (3 %).