PILOT PROJECTS FOR TRADITIONAL AREAS IN BAHRAIN "Conservation & Urban Design Projects for Traditional Areas"


Bahrain has a rich heritage of built environment dating back to antiquity which left us many important of historical buildings and traditional city areas. However, the historical core areas of Bahrain’s two oldest towns, Muharraq and Manama, are now under threat. The concern of the government to seek innovative solutions for Bahrain’s cultural heritage resulted in adopting the project of “Capacity Building for Enhancement of Urban Governance: Urban Design Projects for Traditional Areas". A team comprised of an appointed project director and a number of international consultants representing various disciplines were assembled for the project with the assistance of the UN Development Program. A period of preliminary research, studies and design lasted from September 2005 till November 2006. Consultations cost of US$323,000 was met by the UN Development Program, and the over-head cost was provided by the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs, Bahrain.The objectives of this project were to develop a comprehensive approach and implementation strategies that would lead to economic regeneration of the traditional historic areas of Manama and Muharraq and to re-integrate them into the daily life of their surrounding community for the benefit of all stakeholders, while conserving and preserving their character and sense of place.The aim of this urban regeneration is to provide a living and vital environment for residents, businesses and visitors in which all aspects of everyday life can occur in safe and attractive surroundings instead of creating an urban museum. This environment will retain its traditional character and be the basis for future growth, benefiting all stakeholders and the Kingdom of Bahrain as a whole. Pilot Projects of a variety of types will be crucial to starting the revitalization of old urban areas in Manama and Muharraq.