Turbulent Prandtl Number and its Use in Prediction of Heat Transfer Coefficient for Liquids


A theoretical study is performed to determine theturbulent Prandtl number (Prt ) for liquids of widerange of molecular Prandtl number (Pr=1 to 600)under turbulent flow conditions of Reynolds numberrange 10000- 100000 by analysis of experimentalmomentum and heat transfer data of other authors. Asemi empirical correlation for Prt is obtained andemployed to predict the heat transfer coefficient forthe investigated range of Re and molecular Prandtlnumber (Pr). Also an expression for momentum eddydiffusivity is developed. The results revealed that thePrt is less than 0.7 and is function of both Re and Praccording to the following relation:Prt=6.374Re-0.238 Pr-0.161The capability of many previously proposed models ofPrt in predicting the heat transfer coefficient isexamined. Cebeci [1973] model is found to give goodaccuracy when used with the momentum eddydiffusivity developed in the present analysis. Thethickness of thermal sublayer decreases withReynolds number and molecular Prandtl number.