Study the Effect of UV Radiation Dose on the Optical Properties of SSNTD – CN-85


Experimental study has been performed to study the effect of ultraviolet radiation (244 nm) on the physical properties of the solid sate nuclear track detector CN-85 has(100m) thickness . Samples radiated by ultraviolet radiation for (1,3,7,9,11) hr. The results show the effects of the radiation on the samples. The real dielectric constant Є1 change from 7.9 at 1hr. radiated to 10.1 at 11hr. radiated. The extinction coefficient K0 changed from 2.25×10-4 at 1hr. radiated to 9.0 ×10-5 at radiated 11hr. It has been found that the values of energy gaps decreasing from (2.0eV) at 1hr. radiated to (1.22eV) at 11hr. radiation. The amount of energy gap decreased with increasing UV dose. The results show the amount of maximum absorption between (308-312)nm.