The Effects of Bearing Dimensions and Adjustable Mechanism Position for Six Pads Bearing under Dynamic Load


The hydrodynamic bearing consists of six pads these pads have the ability to tiltabout the clamping edge. Reynolds equation (2D) for dynamically loaded was used to findthe generated pressure value throughout the mobility method and the finite differencemethod. The effects of many parameters of bearing were studied in this paper such as lengthto diameter ratios, power loss, oil flow rate, Sommerfeld number, load number, frictioncoefficient and by using the “Ansys program” for stress and strain analysis over the padsurface (white metal), to select the best position location for adjustable pads mechanismfrom leading edge angle to trailing edge angle of pad central angle (PCA=55°) by takingnine different positions. The best angle for the adjusting member was found about (41.25o)after leading angle of the pad, the adjusting member in the maximum pressure region gaveminimum radial displacement (elastic deformation) values.