Simulation and Application to Measure Comparable Performance of Push,Pull and Hybrid Manufacturing Systems


In this paper we are going to integrate the most popular production systems nowadaysthat is; push ,pull production system, ,then we compare the performance of the integratedproduction model or the hybrid outcome system to push and pull, by introduce a technique thatoptimizes production control of single product flow shop under the three production controlthrough using the production control framework. Evaluating a production control policy usuallyrequires simulation modelling due to the complex interaction that occur,a point was considered bysimulation package exploit. Then we demonstrate how this template can be used in conjuctionwith this existing simulation software to find an optimal production control policy. Our decisionvariables are location of the push-pull interface. An experemental research prototype of suchpush, pull and hybrid control system has been constructed to emulate a motor production at realworld plant in which unit process and operational decisions are integrated. The simulationsoftware implemented to support the manufacturing system planning and its operationalcontrol.the system configuration, modelling feature and its verification modelling, feature and itsverification through an application of the practical manufacturing line will be described.