Responses of cumin Cuminum cyminum L. to field practices and effect on volatile oil and S, Active ingredient 'Physcis Trait


A field experiments was carried out during the winter seasons 2007 -2008 at testing field crops Science Department University of Baghdad-Abu Ghraib in order to determine the response cumin crop.. Cuminum cyminum Lfor some farm operations and their impact on voltial oil and physics active ingredient. , traitThe experiment study the effect of different levels of Phosphorus fertilizer are (0,50,70,90 kg P / ha) and four spaces between plants (10, 15, 20, 25 cm).The experiment carried out within the system of testing the factorial experiment has been used according to Random Complete Block Design (RCBD)with three blocks .Considered statistically analyzed the data according to the desing of each practice and experience compared to averages of transactions on the basis of test least significant difference (LSD) 5%Level of moral study results showed that : The addition of Phosphorus fertilizer show significantly increase in terms given level of 70kgP/ha higher value of voltial oil and physics trait s amounted to 3.85%,32.32 L/H ,0.989,0.989 M/ML,1.41. Spaces between plants caused significantly effect in voltial oil and physics trait terms given the of planting (20 cm ) the highest value reached 3.66%,28.48 L/H,0.976,0.983 M/ML,1.35 .Interaction was significantly between the levels of Phosphorus fertilizer and spaces between plants was given treatment as morally 70 kg p /ha Spaces between plants of( 20cm) reached the highest 4.04%,34.44 L/H ,0.993,0.989 M/ML,1.45.from results of (HPLC) given level of 70kgP/ha and planting (20 cm ) the highest value of active ingredient Cuminaldehyde and α-pinene and p-cymene which amounted to 50.70% and 7.33% and 3.91% respectively .