The Effect of Thermal Loadings on the Dynamic Behavior of Cylindrical – Conical Intersection shell


This paper presented a numerical methods based on FEM were used to studythe effect of temperature on the dynamic characteristic of composite cylindricalconical shell with different cone angle and wall thickness. The study taken intoaccount the effect of temperature on the material properties of the selectedmaterial and the effect of pre stressing on the natural frequency of the shell. Ageneral conclusions could be obtained from the static analysis ,i.e. for highercircumferential wave number, the effect of increasing the thickness is to producehigher natural frequencies. The natural frequency of the system may drops byabout (12 %) as a result of the degeneration of the material properties due totemperature elevation. The higher circumferential wave number, the morepronounced is the influence of ply orientation on the resulting natural frequencychanging the ply orientation for 0/90/0 to 75/-75/75 may increase the naturalfrequency by about (100 %). Finally the transient dynamic stresses may exceedsthe design stress by a bout (50 %).