A comparative Study in the Antibacterial effect of Eugenol as Hand Wash Material with two Types of soap


Hands have consistently been an important vehicle in the transmission of disease (1). Thus, thorough hand-washing remains the single most important factor in preventing infection specially in hospitals and labs.Twenty-nine non-clinical volunteers (do not work or come in contact with a clinical or hospital setting) that lacked visible skin injuries, eczema or apparent skin disease were used, those subjects were all tested by a material of each of the three used in the study weekly and laboratory tests were done pre- and post washing.All three material were effective , Eugenol extract as effective as the bar and lotion soap. And this was confirmed statistically.Eugenol has a great antibacterial action even in small concentration and this may be due to steroids and other constituents that are found in the composition of its volatile oil. High concentrations are more effective and this may give us a newrevolution in prevention of bacterial infection.