Analysis of Composite Bridge Superstructures Using Modified Grillage Method


The analysis principle was used to analyze anisotropic plates (having differentelastic properties and geometries in different directions), the model consists of four sidebeams with flexural rigidity and torsional rigidity and two diagonal beams with only flexuralrigidity .The substitute grid framework is analyzed to give the same deformations anddeflections of the orthotropic plate elements of the modeled bridge. Applicability of thesuggested procedure in the analysis of actual bridge decks is investigated using STAADPro.2006 program. The results show that the suggested procedure is an acceptable procedurewhich can be adopted to analyze this type of bridge deck. It is found that the modifiedgrillage method gives simpler method and adequate results when compared with the FiniteElement Method or orthotropic plate theory solved using Finite Difference Method for thistype of bridges.