Integrating Assembly Planning and Line Balancing Using Precedence Diagram


Traditionally, assembly planning and assembly line balancing are considered astwo independent tasks. Assembly planning represents a fundamental step in the operationof a manufacturing system that involves product assembly while line balancingrepresents one of the biggest technical problems in designing and operating a manualassembly line. Although there have been several reported researches on assemblyplanning for mechanical products, there is no available research on integration ofassembly planning and assembly line balancing.In this paper, a methodology called COMSOAL-PLB (Computer Method ofSequencing Operations for Assembly Lines of Assembly Planning and Line Balancing)was developed to incorporate making decisions on process planning and productionplanning for assembly product. Using ASIA-PLB, a planner or manufacturing engineercan determine optimum or near optimum assembly sequence(s), optimum allocation thetask sets that will maximize the efficiency. The system has been tested on product(x) inSeven Nissan Company. It resulted in reduction of idle time about 32%.