Experimental Study of Local Scour around Circular pier Fitted with Collar


Scour is defined as the erosion of streambed sediment around an obstruction in a flow field. Bridge pier scouring is a significant problem in the safety estimation of bridges. In this study, the use of rectangular collar for reducing the effect of local scour at a circular pier in a laboratory flume was presented. The study was conducted using 6.6 m laboratory flume in length and 0.4 m in width. Experiments were conducted for various sizes of rectangular collars fitted at the bed elevation on the scour depth at the circular pier with clear-water scour condition. The time development of scour depth at the circular pier with and without a collar of circular installed was conducted. In collars observed that size of a collar plate increases, the scour decreases. Results showed that the maximum reduction in scour depth equal to 100% (no scour hole). Dimensional analysis technique was used, and from the experimental data an empirical formula was derived. It was found that the predicated scour depth from the formula performs well as compared to the observed scour depth.