"Modern Technological Approaches and Contemporary Airports Terminals’ Design


It is not hidden the role of technology in modern and contemporary airport terminals design, the second half of the twentieth century have a large number for airports in which technology represent a metaphor for contemporary culture that modified the mechanism of thinking, designing and production. This research aims to determine and its applications’ ways in contemporary airport terminals design .Then the design of airport terminals _which considered one of the most important building type_ is not only related to the ideas of functions performance or buildings shapes as separated processes to produce this challenging building type, which is charged by functional encumbrances and is a symbolic building . There is inclusive overlapping between design issues of contemporary airport terminals, and the new technology. which distinguished the new approaches of contemporary airport architecture, and has led to formulate a research problem considered about the gab of knowledge in distinguishing the role of the new technological approaches for contemporary airport terminals, and its nature and its effect on design process, the hypothesis formulated from this problem is:" the compatibility of contemporary technology fundamentals and contemporary airport terminals design issues and the integration of its main systems, that produces new approaches affected by the use of the technological dimension as a method of thinking and producing and as a tool for expression