Relationship Marketing and its Role in Enhancing Customer’s Satisfaction: A Study of a Sample of Hotel Organizations in the City of Duhok


AbstractThe study sought to explain the role of relationship marketing in enhancing the customer’s satisfaction. As for the concept of relationship marketing has a vital role, it should be adopted by organizations, especially those into providing services in order to gain customer’s satisfaction by these organizations. So, it is considered the main fulcrum of any organization to provide services that meet the customer’s needs. Thus, the study adopted the subject of relationship marketing in the field study considering it as a variable explained by (trust, reciprocity, shared values, communication, empathy, and bonds) and the variable of customer’s satisfaction explained as a reactive variable. A hypothetical model was devised reflecting the correlation and impact between relationship; marketing on the one hand and customer’s satisfaction on the other. The model resulted in a number of main hypotheses that were tested using statistical software after collecting the required data using a questionnaire distributed to the investigated individuals in the sample organizations including (workers and customers). The study reached a number of conclusions and the most important of them are; significant correlation and impact exists between relationships marketing in on enhancing customer’s satisfaction while no significant influence of bonds exists on customer's satisfaction.