Effect of soil treatment with some biological agent on controlling damping off disease of eggplant caused by Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn


This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of soil treatment with some biocontrol agent to control eggplant seedling damping-off. The fungus Rhizoctonia solani was isolated and identified as a causal agent of seedling damping-off on eggplant.Eight Rhizoctonia solani isolates were obtained from infected root and seeding eggplants . Pathogenicity test by using cabbage seeds indicated that all isolates were pathogenic but their level of Pathogenicity was different. The isolates Rh6 and Rh7 were the most severe isolates among other isolates.البحث مستل من رسالة ماجستير للباحث الاولThree Azotobacter chroococcum isolates were obtained from wheat rhizosphere soil and identified according to their cultural, biochemical and microscopic characters. Pathogenicity test showed that A. chroococcum had highly antagonist effect against R. solani isolates where they were inactivated the fungus growth.. Peat moss treated with biological agents was increased the germination percent and decreased the infection percent of disease. Peat moss treated with both T. harzianum and A. chroococcum was resulted 86.7%, 86.7% germination after two and five weeks respectively and use efficiency 82.6%.