The predicted of performance of Turkish Awassi sheep from sex chromatin


At the Sheep & Goat Station , Foundation of Agriculture Research / Ministry of Agriculture (20 km west of Baghdad), over to study of relationship between sex chromatin traits and performance (regression of the productive, reproductive and blood traits on sex chromatin traits) of 130 ewes from Turkish awassi sheep, over period from 2009 until 2011, and estimate of heritability for chromatin traits. The percentage of drum stick (D), sessile nodule (SN), teardrop (T) and small club (SM) figures were 31.11, 49.55, 14.28 and 5.06 % respectively, these percentage showed that SN figures was in high percentage compare with other figure. Positive and significant regression of birth weight on vertical axes , number of lobe , area of sex chromatin, while positive and significant regression of weaning weight and gain on vertical axes. Positive and significant regression of daily milk production on vertical axes and number of lobe, while highly significant of total milk production on number of lobe. Positive significant regression of fertility percentage and prolificacy on almost of sex chromatin parameters. The range of regression coefficients of blood traits on sex chromatin parameters between positive and negative (significant to highly significant). Highly heritability estimate for the sex chromatin parameters were between 0.49 to 0.81.