Oral lichen planus clinical study with the clinicopathological correlation in the diagnosis of O.L.P.


Background: Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a chronic inflammatory disease with different clinical presentation.Objective: To evaluate the clinical-pathologic characteristic of OLP lesion and to study the correlation between-clinical and histopathologic assessment of OLP.Materials and Methods: A randomly selected biopsies of sixty-three OLP patients, who sent to college of dentistry / oral pathology department were studied.Results: Females were more frequently affected by OLP than males (female=52.38% , male=47.61%) and mostly at the middle age group (25.4%). OLP was more frequently found on the cheek, tongue than palate and lip. Statistically significant differences could be identified for OLP lesion in terms of age, sex, and site of location.Confirmation of clinical diagnosis of OLP by means of histopathologic study of a biopsy specimen is generally advised. However, hardly any data exist about the correlation between clinical and histopathologic diagnosis of OLP. In (42.31%) of case, in which the pathologist agreed about the histopathologic diagnosis being diagnostic of OLP, there was a lack of consensus on the clinical diagnosis. Conversely, about (38.46%) of case in which the clinicians agreed about the clinical and histopathologic diagnosis being diagnostic of OLP.Conclusion: Based on the finding of the present study, there appears to be lack of clinicopathologic correlation in the diagnostic assessment of OLP.