Tooth mortality in relation with diabetics and non diabetic patients


Background: Diabetes can affect the health of the teeth and surrounding structures. The The purpose of the present study was to compare tooth mortality of diabetics & non diabetic patients considering mainly the degree of control & the duration of diabetes.Methods: Tooth mortality of 100 adult diabetics &100 non diabetic patients of the age groups 40 – 52 & 53 – 65 y. was examined . The diabetic group was further divided according to the control & duration of diabetic state. StudentT- test was used where indicated ,the level of significance was 0.01.Results: The results revealed a highly significant difference in the mean number of lost teeth between the poorly controlled diabetic patients & the control group & a non significant difference between the well control diabetics & the control group. Also revealed a non significant differences between the control group & both sub groups of patients of more than 10y. duration & less than 10y duration .Conclusion: The results indicates that tooth mortality was greater in poorly controlled diabetics than the well controlled diabetics & the control group, with a highly significant differences. Tooth mortality was smaller in patients of more than 10 years duration than in those of less than 10 years with a non significant difference