The incidence of frequency of a various removable partial edentulism cases


The purpose of this study is to determine the frequency of incidence of various removable partial denture classes among a selected sample of population.The study population consisted from 362 patients (156 men and 206 women) were selected from prosthodontics department, college of dentistry, Baghdad university. Intraoral examination of each patient has been done to determine the Kennedy classification for each patient. Categorization of modification areas for the Kennedy partial edentulous cases has been done, also categorization of partially edentulous cases according to age and gender has been done. The results indicated that mandibular removable partial edentulism are more common than the maxillary cases, and the class I mandibular cases are the most commonly incident and the class IV partially edentulous cases were the least common cases.The distribution of partially edentuluosness revealed the influences of the general pattern of tooth loss, which could be modified by patients' demands and socioeconomic status.