Influence of occlusal schemes on the stress distribution in upper complete denture in centric and eccentric relation


Background: This study was aimed to identify the sites of maximum stresses in both balanced and lingualized occlusion in centric and eccentric relationMaterials and Methods: Two sets of complete denture constructed and a load of 60 N applied to sites of occlusal contacts so the Von-mises stresses produced from this load applied collected.Results: Balanced and lingualized occlusal schemes compared in centric and eccentric relation, both mean and standard deviation for the calculated stresses compared at the crest of the ridge, buccal flange and mid-palatal suture.Conclusion: Both balanced and lingualized occlusion transmit minimal pressure at the mid-palatal suture and with the concentration of stresses at the crest of ridge in centric, while at the working side balanced occlusion produced greater pressure than lingualized scheme and at balancing side vice versa occur.