The histochemical effects of the administration of hydrocortisone sodium succinate upon the periodontium of albino rats' experimental study


Background: The effects of the administration of cortisone upon numerous body tissues have been described; changes in the periodontal tissue of developing albino rats (newborn) histochemically have not been described. A study was therefore, under taken to investigate the effect of administration of cortisone upon the periodontal ligament tissues.Materials and methods: Experimental animals (new born rats, their age 10, 19, 25 days old) were treated by cortisone, saggital sections were stained by alcian blue and H&E stains.Results: It was shown that the hydrocortisone sodium succinate affect that periodontal tissue development and this drug inhibit and delay the synthesise of GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) till aged 25 post natal (p.n.).Conclusion: The periodontal membrane in the treated groups is affected (delay in the GAGs synthesis) by the hydrocortisone sodium succinate drug administration