Glycoconjugates cytochemistry in teeth development in normal and hydrocortisone treated rats (experimental study)


Background: This study was designed to investigate the expression of glycoconjugates in rat teeth germs at various stages and to evaluate the effect of hydrocortisone on the formation and development of dentition of the rat histochemically.Materials and methods: Foetuses of albino rats were divided into tow main groups, the control group were injected with one ml distilled water (12-18day of gestation) and experimental group were injected with one ml hydrocortisone sodium succinat (12-18day of gestation) then specimens were stained with H & E and lectinsResults: The developing teeth are effected by the hydrocortisone sodium succinate drug at all stages of tooth development, lectins used through this study can serve as a marker for tooth development process, sugar residues (Glc NAC, GLC, Gal, Gal NAC) are carbohydrate components of predentin of the control group while less residus were found in the treated groups and they were to a less extent at the inner dental BM (basement membrane).Conclusion: This drug affect rat teeth development, the abnormalities are confirmed by the stains H and E, and lectins