Estimation of genetic parameters for some parthenocarpic cucumber hybreds by full diallel crossing


Afield trial was conducted in fall season (2009) on cucumber in the plastic houses of general company of horticulture and forestry, to study general and specific compinig ability, gen action and onether genetic parameters. Six inbred lines were crossed in full diallel crosses to produce hybrids, crosses, parents and F1 hybrid (Rayan) were tested in yield and other traits evaluation. The results obtaind revealed that the best hybrid in yield fruit number/ plant and fruit set percent was (4×3) and (1×4). Gen action for plant yield, fruit number and number flowers/ plant was non additive action and fruit weight was additive action. While ( was high in all characteristics, and (h2.n.s) was high in fruit weight. The best (gca) and (sca) in parents (1,3,4) that there crosses (4×3) and (1×4) gave high yield per plant (4.36, 4.05 kg/ plant) than hybrids that surpassed on compare hybrid Rayan. it was recommended to propagate seeds of these inbred to produce F1 seed of the best hybrids.