One stage immediate loading implants “experimental study on dogs”


Background: One stage immediate loading to implants offers some clinical advantages. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the concept of one-stage immediate loading implant (screw type) in comparison to non-loading group.Materials and Methods: One stage dental implant (Denti Dental Implant System), Hungary, 10mm in length, and of 4-4.5mm in diameter, was used. Five adult dogs of 15-22 Kg body weight were selected in the current study. Extraction of left fourth premolar and first molar was done, and the region was left to heal for about 2 months. Twenty implants were installed, ten implants of (4-4.5mm in diameter) were inserted in the left posterior region of the lower jaw which was loaded by Nickel Chrome crown which is considered as (study group), and ten implants of (4- 4.5mm in diameter), without crowns were inserted anteriorly to the loaded groups and considered as (control group).Results: The current study shows that one of the immediate loaded implant of 4mm in diameter lacked primary stability, which exfoliated later on. There were significant differences at level of loading, diameter and their interaction. Analysis of variance revealed that the smaller diameter implants were significantly higher value of mobility than larger one. The study shows a high incidence of successful rate of the immediate loaded implants of 4.5mm, similar to the non-loaded group, while low incidence of successful rate of loaded implants with 4mm in diameter in compare to the non-loaded group.Conclusions: The study reported that immediate loading of freestanding implants can achieved osseointegration by using screw shaped implant with large diameter (4.5mm) similar to the non-loaded type. The larger implant diameter associated with higher successful rate and less bone loses when compared with smaller diameter in both groups