Linguistic Aspects in Al-Mutakhab Book


Abu Al-Hassan known as “kiraa alnamil” lit. means (ant’s legs) is regarded as one of the prominent linguists; he is well known among those who are concerned in linguistics. He offered invaluable assistance as represented by his work, to mention some: kitabul almuntakhab min ghreeb kalamu alarab lit. means (selected speech from obscure words in Arabic). This is considered as a source among the sources of the strangers in language. In his book, he collected the strange words in Arabic, classified them into several parts and explain them and finally provided evidence from Arabic poem and prose. The book shows that the author creates an interest which totally occupied his mind. Due to his scientific mind and the importance of this book, we intend to investigate this book linguistically so as to uncover this magnificent work and to display the author’s linguistic views.The research is initiated by a prelude; it includes a brief biography of the linguist including his name, surname, his birth, linguistic trend, his work and death. Then, we studied the main remarkable linguistic phenomena in his book: polysemy, antonymy, derivation, substitution and syntactic inversion.